Profit Scams

Service Contract

 Gilroy Hyundai, sell an in-house extended service contract that is not Hyundai, and can only be used at their dealership.

Dealer cost for an extended service contract is less than $500; however, dealers are known to charge their customers up to $5000. A new Hyundai includes a 10 year, 100,000-mile warranty at no extra cost.

New and Used Service Contracts are available through Credit Unions & AAA for a very low cost. 

Dealer Value Score = F

Pre-Paid Maintenance

Gilroy Hyundai, sell an in-house maintenance contract that is not Hyundai, can only be used at their dealership, and covers only oil change and tire rotation!

Dealer cost for the Maintenance Plan is less than $200; however, Gilroy Hyundai is known to charge their customers $1500 to $2000. 

If you are a victim Pre-Paid Maintenance fraud, file a complaint with DMV. 

Dealer Value Score = F

Paint & Fabric Sealant

 Gilroy Hyundai, sell a paint sealant called Cilajet which is an excellent product; however, the cost for a bottle is less than $30, but they charge their customers up to $2000.

Beware that most of the vehicles at Gilroy Hyundai have hard water stains and it will compound the problem if the paint sealant is applied on top of the stains.

We recommend using a professional auto detail business that will apply the sealant for a fraction of the cost.

How about the interior? It's not necessary because the manufacturer has taken care of that for you!

Dealer Value Score = F

Trade-In Value / Vin Decoder

Check to determine  your vehicle's TRADE-IN VALUE before going to the dealership and avoid the Dealer's KBB Instant Cash Offer on their website because the settings are customized by the dealer and it is  designed to offer you much less than what your vehicle may be worth.

Input all of your vehicle's package options when using the KBB platform and if you don't know what they are, use a VIN Decoder:  

A Vin Decoder provides vehicle make/model, trim line, equipment and options that are on the original Manufacturer Window Sticker. 

KBB has four criteria values: Poor, Fair, Good & Excellent & four market values: Auction, Trade-In, Private Party and Retail. Confusing? A good goal is to aim for KBB Trade-In Value in Good Condition.

Dealer Value Score = F

Theft Deterrent

Theft deterrent products known as Express Code & Express Etch that claim to pay $2500 if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 Days are junk. 

Dealer cost for this product is $29 and they charge customers up to $2000. Since your insurance policy probably protects you from theft, you are better off with an alarm system.

Dealer Value Score = F

Interest Rate

Auto loan interest rate, CUDL, credit union, car loan

If the dealer checks your credit, they are  required by Federal Law to disclose your credit score to you. 

Ask for all three credit score bureaus: Trans Union, Equifax and Experian because dealers often disclose lowest of the three to convince customers to pay a higher interest rate.

If buying new, ask for the Manufacturers captive interest rate sheet and match your credit score to what they offer.  

Credit Unions are often the best alternative, and a dealer can complete the online process within a few minutes through the Credit Union Direct Lending platform known as CUDL. 

Ask for the interest rate sheet for the Credit Union the dealer your loan is placed with. 

Dealer Value Score = F